Rooms at Connemara Beach House

Bedrooms: 8, to sleep 15

Master Bedroom

All but one en-suite with private shower and toilet, most with enchanting views of the sea. 3 bedrooms have bathtubs in addition to showers, with the master bedroom including a Jacuzzi. These individually decorated rooms were designed to provide a relaxing and comfy haven between the group gathering times.

Sitting Rooms: 2, homey and inviting

Sitting Room Lounge at Connemara Beach House

Each with an open fireplace and cosy plumped-up chairs for reading or catching up on the day. The front sitting room is larger, with massive bay windows for making plans, trading stories, or simply gazing out over the sea; the smaller rear sitting room provides the perfect getaway for a private chat or to curl up with a book and a quiet drink.

Kitchen: Professional, decked out to the nines

Professional Kitchen
Fruit Bowl

Your clan may prefer sweet and simple, but if you’ve an accomplished or aspiring chef in your group, this roomy kitchen that was fitted out for restaurant service will not disappoint. A kitchenette table makes an ideal space for a quick midnight snack, a small early breakfast, or just keeping the cook company without getting in the way.

Dining Room: Sunny and bright with flexible seating

Dining Room at Connemara Beach House

The wooden tables and chairs in this room full of windows were designed for private or communal seating arrangements and will let you create a casual or formal dining experience as you wish. When the dining is done, this room can serve as a dance hall or salon for family games.

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Facilities: The difference is in the details

We’ve put serious thought and effort into providing everything to make your self-catered stay feel as if you were catered to like royalty. WiFi Internet, Television, Stereo, DVD, High Chairs and Infant Cots, 2 Washing Machines and Dryers, Ice Maker, Dishwasher, Microwave, Guest Restrooms, Local Attraction Guides and Brochures, Oil-fired Central Heating, Large Garage, Large Fridges and Freezers, Quality Linens and Towels—if you’re missing something, we’ll do our best to find it for you.

To book your holiday at Connemara Beach House, ring us on +353 (0)86 8581403, email or use our online contact form.

We look forward to your visit to Connemara!